Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST has annihilated the quarter mile in 6.59@212.46.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (6.64@212.13) and Billy Mitchell's S-10 (6.73@217).
Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST broke through the eighth mile beams with a 4.29@172.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (4.34@176.70) and Neal Light's S10 (4.350@164).
Neal Light's Chevy S10 is the holeshot champ, taking only 1.019 seconds to cross the 60' mark on Slicks.
In 2nd and 3rd place are mike jones sr.'s s-10 (1.02 on Slicks) and Gary Soulages's Lightning (1.072 on 10.5).

Kevin Tolliver


1989 Chevrolet 1500
This truck is currently ranked 986th out of 1395
That makes it quicker than 30% of the other trucks here.
Compared to the rest of the DragTruk field, this particular truck is: In no big hurry
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11 K

Name: Kevin Tolliver
Homepage: N/A
Best 1/4 ET @ mph: 14.53@92.96
Best 1/8 ET @ mph: 9.27@75.56
Best 60 ft: 2.10 on radials
Engine: 377ci
Transmission: 700r4 w/art carr internals and converter

Truck Specs:

89 silverado extended cab loaded for 89 had 350 and 700r4 auto with a 308 gear
Truck Modifications:
Upcoming Modifications:
Owner Comments:

I know this sounds like alot of mods for the E.T. but it takes alot to move a tank. It is worth it when you spank a mustang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A very unsuspecting one i might add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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