Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST has annihilated the quarter mile in 6.59@212.46.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (6.64@212.13) and Billy Mitchell's S-10 (6.73@217).
Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST broke through the eighth mile beams with a 4.29@172.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (4.34@176.70) and Neal Light's S10 (4.350@164).
Neal Light's Chevy S10 is the holeshot champ, taking only 1.019 seconds to cross the 60' mark on Slicks.
In 2nd and 3rd place are mike jones sr.'s s-10 (1.02 on Slicks) and Gary Soulages's Lightning (1.072 on 10.5).

Tony Costa


1992 Dodge Dakota
This truck is currently ranked 602th out of 1395
That makes it quicker than 57% of the other trucks here.
Compared to the rest of the DragTruk field, this particular truck is: Above average
JPEG Image

102 K

Name: Tony Costa
Homepage: N/A
Best 1/4 ET @ mph: 13.06@108
Best 1/8 ET @ mph: N/A
Best 60 ft: 1.9 on radials
Engine: 318
Transmission: 4 spd Auto

Truck Specs:

White, two wheel drive, 3.90 rear, shortbed, a/c, p/w, p/l, 80,000miles when bought in 1997.
Truck Modifications:
Upcoming Modifications:
Owner Comments:

The truck originally ran 14.90 @ 91 mph with just MP-computer,gibson 3" cat back exh., MP-shift kit, K+N filter in stock housing,with tonaeu cover installed, and 70,000 miles on the clock. It now has 90,000 on it and I ported the heads, intake, and installed MP-headers. With a cap installed it ran 14.90 @ 93 mph.I am in the process of installing a vortech super-charger.

I finally installed the vortech super charger. I only ran the truck on my vericom just to get a base line e-t.I still have to install valve springs, rockers, push rods, cap rotor wires, and 24# inj. and go to the track.

My last trip to the track was a disaster. I made about 10 passes, on the last pass the boost retard line, and the FMU line blew off under boost, and subsequently the motor detonated, and blew bolth head gaskets, also cracking 1-cyl head. After a 150$ tow home, and many labor hours, the truck is still apart. This was an expensive lesson learned to run a dedicated vacume line, and have it clamped tightly. I have never run a boosted app. before, and no one (including Vortech, or the place I purchased the unit from)(Magnum-perf.) told me to be careful that something like ths could happen. Update:Spring 2001 new 5.9 short-block, much milder heads, 19#inj., and everything else the same, truck has much more torque than before. update 7/1/02- I just sold the truck and removed all the goodies, (with less weight this thing really flies now) and just bought a 2002 silverado p/u short-bed 2wd reg cab w/ 5.3 vortech. Will be modifying soon... Update! SOLD TRUCK, hated to let it go. Bought a 2002 silverado brand new!
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