Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST has annihilated the quarter mile in 6.59@212.46.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (6.64@212.13) and Billy Mitchell's S-10 (6.73@217).
Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST broke through the eighth mile beams with a 4.29@172.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (4.34@176.70) and Neal Light's S10 (4.350@164).
Neal Light's Chevy S10 is the holeshot champ, taking only 1.019 seconds to cross the 60' mark on Slicks.
In 2nd and 3rd place are mike jones sr.'s s-10 (1.02 on Slicks) and Gary Soulages's Lightning (1.072 on 10.5).

Daner Racing


1989 Ford Ranger
This truck is currently ranked 92nd out of 1395
That makes it quicker than 94% of the other trucks here.
Compared to the rest of the DragTruk field, this particular truck is: Smokin'!!!
JPEG Image

61 K

JPEG Image

109 K

Name: Daner Racing
Best 1/4 ET @ mph: 9.98@133
Best 1/8 ET @ mph: N/A
Best 60 ft: 1.44 on Slicks MT 10.5W
Engine: 393
Transmission: Lentech Pro 5.0 AOD
JPEG Image

156 K

Truck Specs:

1989 Ranger Ext-a-cab chassis Tube Chassis with NHRA Certification until end of 2004 - good to 7.50, Custom 3 colour paint 3 inch cowl hood Mustang II/Pinto frontend - 90/10 Race shocks and springs 1959 Dodge 8-3/4" ladder bar rearend with 4.30 gears. Best 60 foot was 1.44 with above motor Strange spool 31 spline Strange (Bear) axles with c-clip eliminators Adjustable coilover springs in rear Lentech Pro 5.0 AOD with manual valve body, 4500 rpm stall and transbrake, B&M Pro Shifter, Custom Made Equal length headers for this Ranger only Painless wiring harness Line lock Race bucket seat Removeable steering wheel 12 gallon fuel cell Weld Racing Rims - 2 x 3.5" (skinnies) front 2 x 10" (7.5" backspacing) 2 - 29.5 x 10.5W M/T slicks Fuel system - tons of #10 line, and #8 ran from the back of truck to front Weldon 1500 HP fuel pump Weldon fuel pressure regulator Autometer gauges Fuel pressure Voltmeter Oil Pressure Water Temperature
Truck Modifications:
Upcoming Modifications:
Owner Comments:

2003 Update - After running with an ECC-TUNER for most of a season, switched to DFI. Have since ran 10.44, with a 1.44 60 ft on motor. Bought new MT 29.5 X 10.5W slicks in prep for nitrous, since on motor it was going through the traps near 7300 rpm (shifting at 7400, redline 8000) 2002 Update - Didn't have much time to test and tune or race in 2002, as work had me travel around the world. Hoping to get the Ranger down low 10's on motor and then start spraying the nitrous in 2 stages. Would be nice to see the 8's once, but hoping to run consistant 9's in 2003.
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