Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST has annihilated the quarter mile in 6.59@212.46.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (6.64@212.13) and Billy Mitchell's S-10 (6.73@217).
Chris Cadotto's DODGE DODGE RAM SST broke through the eighth mile beams with a 4.29@172.
In 2nd and 3rd place are Gary Soulages's Lightning (4.34@176.70) and Neal Light's S10 (4.350@164).
Neal Light's Chevy S10 is the holeshot champ, taking only 1.019 seconds to cross the 60' mark on Slicks.
In 2nd and 3rd place are mike jones sr.'s s-10 (1.02 on Slicks) and Gary Soulages's Lightning (1.072 on 10.5).

Alex Cook


2000 Dodge Dakota
This truck is currently ranked 819th out of 1395
That makes it quicker than 42% of the other trucks here.
Compared to the rest of the DragTruk field, this particular truck is: Slightly below average
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184 K

JPEG Image

117 K

Name: Alex Cook
Best 1/4 ET @ mph: 13.89@97.22
Best 1/8 ET @ mph: 8.84@77.58
Best 60 ft: 1.850 on ET Streets
Engine: 4.7 Liter
Transmission: 5-spd
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136 K

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104 K

Truck Specs:

Amber Fire Club Cab Sport, 5-spd, 3.55 posi, buckets, console, sliding rear window, power everything (except seats & mirrors), Firestone Firehawk SS20's in a 275/60/15 for street tires. Race weight with me, no spare, 5 gals of gas.... 4150lb. 287 cubic inches....... Say it with me: Ouch.
Truck Modifications:
Upcoming Modifications:
Owner Comments:

Still capable of 23 mpg on the back roads when I behave, but slaps around an R/T and Mustang here & there. Not a bad combo..... Update 9/21/02: Dyno'd at 233 hp and 308 tq at the rear wheels. More to come..... Update 11/02/02: Went 14.99@91.xx in full street trim. Update 11/22/02: Dyno'd with 72 mm TB and made 5 more lb-ft of torque and it peaked at 3500 as opposed to 3750. A/F ratios were INSANELY FAT as the revs climbed. 8.8:1 at 5500 rpm. New computer flash trimmed out some fuel. Dyno results coming shortly...... Update: Leach re-flash trimmed fuel back to 10.0:1 at 5500 rpm.... Removed 21# injectors & replaced with factory 19# set. More dyno results shortly.... Update 3/7/03: Back to the dyno with factory injectors re-installed. Now a/f is up to 10.8:1 at WOT..... still need computer help. I may leave it right there and then just add heads/headers/bigger cams/bigger y-pipe and see if THAT will lean it out..... more updates over the summer. Update 5/23/03: Truck runs 14.50@92.xx mph in hot summer evening air. Lots of humidity, temps @ 70+ degF at about 10:30 pm. Wait until November and we may see a tenth or two more. Roe Box to be installed, along with Real Racing Pro 6 rear wheels for weight reduction. Look for a supercharger application later in the year. More in a few weeks when the wheels arrive and the Roe is dialed in. ........ Update 9/8/03.... can't figure out the damn Roe Box. Haven't had the patience to dial it in correctly. THought I had it dialed in and it made the engine ping all the way from 4000 to 5500 rpm. No good, there. Installed a set of cams from Marty and they picked things up for sure in the 1/8th mile. Still a weird dip in the hp curve. Looking at SMT-6 for fuel and spark control. Need to lash the valves tighter and power/ET may pick up even more. Heads & Headers are next..... Update 10/26/03..... with Marty's cams, it picked up from 14.55 to 14.39. Got true duals run with no cat & an x-pipe & turndowns. It picked up from 14.39 to 14.14. If you are trying to make your 4.7 go fast, get rid of the factory y-pipe ASAP!!............. Update 1/25/04 : It's just maxed out. This is all I can do. The only thing left to chase is the computer tune (mostly fuel) and long tube headers. Nobody's got long tubes and I ain't paying for stand-alone fuel management. It's time for boost or else a whole new project............ Update 5/31/04: Removed serpetine belt, removed passenger seat, added Real Pro 6 Skinnies up front, launched at 4500 rpm and shifted at 5700 rpm. Boom Chicka Boom, I'm in the 13's. On the motor. With a 3.55 rear and a 287 naturally aspirated motor.
This entry was last updated on Monday May 31, 2004 at 3:23 PM EDT

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