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I only keep a few of the most recent news items on the main DragTruk page, so as to not clutter up that page. Instead of just deleting the old items, I stick them here, so by reading through these you'll get a sort of condensed history of DragTruk (well, since I started putting news items on the page anyway...)

Message Board Added
I am happy to announce the creation of The Staging Lanes, DragTruk's forum/message board! You can get there by the link above, or there is also a link at the bottom of most of the DragTruk pages.

DragTruk is automated!

Yes! The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! No longer will DragTruk sit stagnant, waiting for me to add and update trucks by hand; you now have the ability to add and update your own entry, including the ability to upload your own pictures and videos! I have also taken this opportunity to give the entire site a face-lift.

New features added

In addition to the other sorting methods, you can now view DragTruk sorted by Date. What this referrs to is the date a particular entry was last updated or created. So, when you sort by date, the entries which have been updated or added the most recently will be at the top of the list. Although this sorting actually goes right down to the minute, only the day is displayed in the table in the interests of conserving screen space...

Another feature which has been added is the file sizes are now displayed underneath the picture thumbnails in each entry, as well as the icon which is displayed when a person has a MPEG or AVI in their entry. No more guessing about the size of that picture or movie before trying to download it! (Hey, I've got a dialup connection - I know what that's like!)

Search Engine and Featured Truck Added

I've added a search engine to DragTruk - the index for which is updated daily. To search the DragTruk site (and all the entries on the site), just type in your keywords in the search box on the main page, and hit enter or press the submit button.

Also, DragTruk will now feature a different truck every day; it will be listed on the main page; clicking on the picture of the truck will bring up that truck's entry. This featured truck is chosen at random, automatically, at midnight every day. The only requirement for being a featured truck is that your entry have at least one JPEG picture in it.

"Under Investigation" feature added for "suspicious" trucks

Entries that appear to be less than truthful about their times can now be flagged as "under investigation". This is the first step which is taken in the road towards deleting the entry. It is no longer considered as far as calculating its rank on DragTruk, and it is visibly marked to let everyone know that it is under investigation. The owner can go to the message board to defend their truck, but if they don't (or are not able to sufficiently prove their claims), the entry will eventually be deleted.

Stay tuned...

The fake listings, duplicate entries, etc. have gotten way out of control. I would like to express my sincere apologies to everyone for having let things slide for so long, to let it get to this level. Rest assured that I am working on the problem and these things will be taken care of very soon.

Many thanks to all of the loyal DragTrukkers for hanging in there!

May 26, 2008

As the initial step to getting DragTruk cleaned up, the Staging Lanes message board has been upgraded to the latest version of the software. This may seem unrelated to the main site, but the upgrade was necessary to facilitate communication for the DragTruk admins and also to take advantage of the anti-spam and anti-bot features which will free up time to allow me to focus more attention on the rest of the site.

May 26, 2008

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