Under Investigation!

A note to those truck owners who have an entry which has been placed under investigation:

An entry which has been tagged as being "under investigation" means that there is a possibility that this entry is being less than truthful.

Unless the situation is clarified soon, this entry could be deleted. We do this to help ensure that DragTruk has real trucks and real times. If you are the owner of an entry which has been placed under investigation, you should go to the Message Board ASAP to defend your entry. (Go into the "Board of Inquiry" forum. There is probably already a thread where people are talking about your truck, which you can reply to. Or, feel free to create a new thread.)

Do not mail the site administrator; this is not my call - the only way to get your entry put back to normal status and taken off the "about to be deleted" list is to satisfactorily explain yourself in the message board. If you can upload a timeslip to your entry that would help; even better would be a video of your truck making a run...

Please don't take this personally - if your times are correct then if anything, you should consider it a compliment! We just need to make sure that DragTruk remains accurate. Thanks!

A note to everyone else:

Just because a truck has been placed under investigation does not necissarily mean that this person has made up their stats, it just means that some people have looked at the entry, thought that something doesn't quite add up, and called it into question. It could be a simple mistake like a typo or forgetting to mention that 300 shot of nitrous. Please don't just automatically assume that this person is a liar - be open to other possibilities!

If you have a truck listed here on DragTruk, how can you prevent it from coming under investigation?

Well, the cardinal rule is to tell the truth! However, a truck can come into question even when your entry is being completely honest. The best way to divert suspicion is to be as complete as possible when posting your truck. Include information about all of your mods (or at least the major ones!). Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video ten thousand! Scanning in a timeslip can be helpful as well.
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